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Local music shops Raleigh buy drums guitars in your area

Hello and welcome to this post on everything about music in Raleigh. There is obviously a lot to discuss on this topic and we will do our best to cover the full scene for you today.

To get us going we will list the best musical instrument stores in Raleigh. There will also be lists for where to buy guitars in your area as well as the top drum shops in town.

Expect there to be some crossover in those sections as some stores will have the leading guitar brands for sale like Gibson, Fender, or Keisel as well as all the keyboards, synthesizers, pedals, amps, or pretty much any supplies you may need.

Then we will fill you in on where to go for quality instrument repair and whether you need a piano tuned, a guitar repaired, or work done on other band instruments there is somebody out there that can help.

Up next we will talk about where to get the best music lessons for kids or adults. Local stores for music lovers with vintage CD’s and records will have their own section also.

Following that we will list the best concert halls and live music venues near you. Plus we will also discuss the best bars and restaurants that have live music around the city.

And our last section will talk about the best festivals on the Raleigh music calendar. At the end there will even be a map to help you figure out where the wide variety of stores and venues we are discussing are located. You may also want to click this link to read more of our blogs for other cities in the region.

Musical Instrument Stores In Raleigh

Most would agree that these are the best musical instrument stores in Raleigh:

Music and Arts can do a lot including repairs, returns, shipping, curbside pickup, lessons, and rentals. They have a firm belief in the transformative power of music, and that’s why they’ve made it their aim to provide musical instruments materials to people of all ages, interests, and backgrounds.

Flying Squirrel Music can do woodwind maintenance and has music classes while being open every day of the week except Mondays and Sundays.

Sam Ash Music Stores has the best service, selection, and guaranteed lowest prices for all of your musical needs. With the latest and best instruments from all top brands in guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, pro sound, DJ equipment, and band and orchestral instruments you will find what you need.

Where To Buy Guitars

If you are specifically trying to buy a guitar or guitar accessories head to:

Guitar Center sells a large range of amps, drums, keyboards, recording gear, DJ equipment, lighting, and more from top brands like Fender and Gibson every day of the week.

As the name suggests Harry’s Guitar Shop specializes in guitars and offers lessons, repairs, the sale of used and new instruments, amplifiers, and accessories. They probably have what you’re looking for if it has to do with a guitar, bass, mandolin, or banjo. On Sundays the shop is closed.

Guru Guitars is a vintage guitar shop that prides itself on quality and integrity and provides full-service guitar repair, guitar setups, and guitar classes. They also sell guitars made by other local and national makers.

Darren Riley’s Guitar provides Fender, Gretsch, Gibson, and Epiphone authorized repairs and excellent guitar and amp servicing including the best in guitar setups, minor repairs, electronic repairs, and Fender amplifier service and repairs.

Drum Shops Near You

2112 Percussion at 5250 Capital Blvd buys, sells, and exchanges used gear in addition to offering a large assortment of new gear and has used drums, cymbals, hardware, bags, and cases in addition to a wide variety of parts and accessories. They are also a leading supplier of Ludwig components and keep their shop open every day of the week.

Instrument Repair

For instrument repairs in your area try out:

Sweeneney Brass Repair specializes in the care and repair of brass instruments and offers high-quality craftsmanship and personalized service to each musician. Whether you are in search of repairs, customization, manufacturing, or classes they can handle it but they are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Flying Squirrel, Sam Ash, and Darren Riley’s Guitars are more options for instrument repair in Raleigh.

Music Lessons

When you want to improve your skills you can take music lessons at:

The Musicians Learning Center is the largest private music school near you offering piano, guitar, voice, drums, violin, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, and music therapy lessons.

Falls River Music has music lessons for a wide range of instruments, fun week-long music camps every summer, school band instruments of all types including guitars, and stringed and woodwind instrument repairs. They also have a nice selection of excellent name-brand acoustic guitars, as well as a choice of music accessories and instructional books. The store is closed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Raleigh Music Academy’s teachers have years of experience in providing quality instructions and teach you how to make your teachings as effective as possible by assisting you in making learning enjoyable and efficient.

TR Music and Voice Lessons is a good place to go for private guitar lessons, drum lessons, bass lessons, keyboard and piano lessons, vocal lessons, and songwriting lessons.

CD & Record Stores

Live music lessons near you Raleigh vintage CD record stores

Some of the best local stores for music lovers with lots of vintage CD’s and records are:

Nice Price Books & Records buys and sells used and new records, used books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, and comic books. Expect to find all kinds of records and CDs including rock, pop, country, reggae, blues, metal, jazz, R&B, soul, international, hip hop, rap, electronic, experimental, and more.

Record Krate has vintage tees, cassette tapes, turntables, and hi-fi but they are only open on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

Lookout Music and Media first opened its doors in 2003, and it takes pleasure in its excellent customer service and extensive musical knowledge. On Sundays and Mondays they are closed.

Reader’s Corner is a bookstore that sells used books, music, and comic books. They also pay cash for used and rare books, vinyl records, CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays, and comic books. Science fiction and fantasy, southern history, engineering, philosophy, and arithmetic, to name a few, are all areas where they do well, and they offer their services seven days a week.

Raleigh Live Music Venues

If you are itching to see a concert or performance these Raleigh live music venues are where to go:

The Pour House Music Hall is where you can find live music performed seven evenings a week, with local and national acts sharing the stage on a nightly basis. From rock and roll to jazz, country to hip hop, ska to polka, and R&B to heavy metal, there’s something for everyone.

Kings features a large stage, acoustically constructed ‘floating’ walls, a stunning steel and pine bar, and a wonderful sound system to listen to or playthrough. They also serve imaginative drinks created with handcrafted syrups and regionally sourced ingredients.

The Ritz is a premier music venue bringing world-class performers to your area. The Maywood is a 200+ capacity music venue 1.5 miles south of downtown where live music events are held featuring local musicians and national touring bands. Their forthcoming music schedule can be found on their events page, and they offer a full bar and a selection of tasty beers on tap.

The Lincoln Theatre is an all-ages venue where all shows are open to the general public providing limited seating for general admission concerts on a first-come, first-served basis.

Red Hat Amphitheater provides an immersive music experience where performances are held in its 6,000-seat outdoor amphitheater every year.

Restaurants With Live Music

Want to be entertained while you eat? You will be at these restaurants with live music in your area:

Irregardless Café serves all diets and lifestyles with great music every night except on Monday when they are closed.

The Point At Glenwood Restaurant is available in nine states and is among the top 150 breweries in the United States. They produce each of their beers with the highest quality ingredients with an eye for quality, and they never close down.

O’Malley’s Pub and Restaurant has been serving cool beers, delectable cocktails, and meals since 1996. Their food will please your taste buds and your wallets, as it proudly offers wonderful breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including some Irish favorites, and they are open every day.

The Big Easy is confident that you will find something to delight your palate among its Cajun-inspired southern fare, all-American classics, live music, and good ol’ southern hospitality.

Berkeley Café offers superb cuisine and drinks in a cozy setting with live music.

42nd Street Oyster is one of the best places to get the freshest seafood, and it is dedicated to serving the greatest quality of food and drinks, sourcing local goods, and providing an exceptional dining experience that often includes live music.

Bars With Live Music

And for bars that play live music try out:

Saints and Scholars Pub brings together two worlds of delicious, fresh, homemade food and invites you to dine-in, take out, have a party, or have them come to you to cater. Saints and Scholars’ interior is separated into two sections: a dining area with Irish design and a pub area with 16 beers on tap and a complete bar and two fire pits, heaters, and two canopies on their pet-friendly patio.

Slims is the oldest music venue in Raleigh, providing a stage for up-and-coming local musicians and known groups looking to perform in a more intimate atmosphere since 1999. You’ve seen a band up close and personal when you’ve seen them at Slim’s, as with only 100 seats available, you’re almost certain to be close to the stage.

Neptunes Parlour is a basement bar and serves a variety of good draft beers from North Carolina breweries in addition to a few from outside the state and well-crafted cocktails with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and tastes.

Music Festivals In Your Area

Some of the top music festivals near you are:

Hopscotch Music Festival is known for its exciting lineups, unforgettable performances, welcoming atmosphere, and features music from about every genre imaginable, including rock, hip-hop, metal, folk, techno, experimental, and more, and its programming reflects this diversity.

Apex Music Festival has kept up its legacy of bringing great musicians with performances in various outdoor and indoor settings.

By the way we have also written about where to:

Enjoy The Raleigh Local Music Scene

Well guys, we did our best to cover the scene as well as we could. We listed the best musical instrument stores, drum and guitar shops, instrument repair services, where to go for lessons, vintage CD and record stores, concert halls and other live music venues like bars and restaurants, plus the best festivals near you.

Anyone that is still around might just know a little bit about the local music scene themselves. If so feel free to tell us if we got anything incorrect, if we left any cool spots out, or just share your own thoughts in the comments at the end of the post.

No matter if you are trying to buy a new instrument, wanted some live entertainment, needed a vintage CD and record, or just wanted to learn more about music in Raleigh we hope you enjoy yourself.

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