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If you are searching for info on the local music scene in New Orleans you have definitely found the right post. The best musical instrument stores in your area seem like the logical place for us to begin.

There will also be some different sections for where to buy guitars and the best drum shops will also be shared. While there is plenty of crossover between some lists we think we got the right spots in the right sections for you.

Up next we will get into quality instrument repair shops near you because some reading this may need a piano tuned, a guitar repaired, or work done on other band instruments and there is somebody out there that can assist.

Then it will be time to pivot to the best music lessons for kids or adults. Following that we will give a shout out to the top stores for music lovers that sell vintage CD’s and records here.

We also think many of you will want to know about the best concert halls and live music venues while some others may prefer to visit bars and restaurants that have free live music around the city.

And we will get you out of here with the best festivals on the New Orleans music calendar. Stay with us til the end where you will find a map with the wide variety of stores and venues we are discussing pointed out.

Everyone reading this is welcome to look through more of our city guides for the region at that link.

New Orleans Musical Instrument Stores

Some of the best musical instrument stores near you would be:

Uptown Music Exchange sells items and offers repair services for horns, trumpets, and other string instruments in your area plus they give lessons too.

Deering, Ome, Pisgah, and Rickard are among the brands featured at Banjo Studio where they also have Collings guitars and mandolins and accessories like strings, picks, cases, pickups, and more. Three months of free lessons with the purchase of any instrument are available too.

Christy is dedicated to selling local band instruments including brass, woodwind, and percussion as well as string including electric and acoustic guitars, basses, ukuleles, and banjos.

Where To Buy Guitars

For all the guitars and accessories you need check out:

Guitar Center is home to one of the largest selections of popular guitars, basses, amplifiers, keyboards, workstations, drums, percussions, microphones, PA systems, DJ equipment, stage lighting, recording software, studio gear, and more.

Earlier we linked you to Uptown Music Exchange, Christy Music, and Banjo Studio but we also need to mention them here in the local guitar stores section.

Drum Shops Near You

Head to one of the music stores we have already listed when you want to buy drums in New Orleans.

Instrument Repair

Instrument repair in New Orleans is available at:

Unique custom guitars are sold at the New Orleans Guitar Company plus they offer repairs for almost every musical instrument. Martin Krusche offers high quality saxophone repairs and uses reflectors that are made from brass sheets.

A wide range or services from simple restringing, setups, modifications, and electronics work all the way up to full restorations are provided at the Strange Guitarworks in your area.

Stringed Instruments Restoration and Making has been specializing in double bass, cello, electric and acoustic guitar and bass, violin, and other instruments for nearly 30 years.

Music Lessons

Level up by taking lessons at a music school in your area:

Whether your goal is to play in a rock band, to study music in college, or to learn a single song Nola School of Music is one of the best options for you. They offer private lessons in almost every instrument including piano, guitar, voice, violin, ukulele, drums, banjo, saxophone, and more.

Private violin and piano lessons near you are offered in classical, pop, and other musical styles for both children and adults at Lorien Music Lessons.

Spreading the Music has been providing music classes for nearly 10 years. Comprehensive music lessons in voice, piano, violin, fiddle, guitar, ukulele, flute, and French horn as well as group classes for amateur and professional musicians of all ages are available at Guy Tem Voice Studio.

Comprehensive music lessons in voice, piano, violin, fiddle, guitar, ukulele, flute, and French horn as well as group classes for amateur and professional musicians of all ages are available at Guy Tem Voice Studio.

We mentioned Uptown Music Exchange and Banjo Studio in our top list but they are also great places to go for music lessons too.

CD & Record Stores

Live music lessons near you New Orleans vintage CD record stores

Check out all kinds of vintage CD’s and records at these local stores for music lovers:

The White Roach is an independent record store featuring diverse and unique new and preloved vinyl, handpicked vintage clothing for men and women, handmade crafts, patches, and all sorts of unexpected things.

A large selection of old and new vinyl records in your area along with CD’s, books, apparel, masks, crates, guitar picks, and vinyl cleaning kits can be found at Peaches Records.

Nola Mix Records sells new and used vinyl, audio equipment, turntables, clothing, art, and plenty more. They also offer local DJ lessons and production classes to students of all ages and functions as a space that combines the passion of music, community, art, and education.

You can find new and used vinyl records including punk, blues, jazz, soul, hip hop, rock, folk, Avant Garde, and other genres along with cassettes, dominoes, and stereo equipment at Domino Sound.

Sisters In Christ Records is known for its music, literature, and ephemera featuring new releases and older tunes.

New Orleans Live Music Venues

Seeing a concert at New Orleans live music venues is always a good time:

Preservation Hall is a historic venue hosting intimate acoustic New Orleans Jazz concerts over 350 nights a year featuring ensembles from a current collective of more than 50 local master musicians.

The Howlin’ Wolf is a concert hall with a mahogany bar and pub that has a long history as one of the finest locally owned and operated venues in town.

You can witness a range of local, national, and international acts from funk and blues to brass bands at Blue Nile which is well known as the original music club that gave birth to the music culture near you on Frenchmen Street.

Fun Restaurants With Entertainment

You can take a date or a group of friends to these restaurants with live music:

With a rich southern heritage of soulful blues, classic soul, and rock and roll music BB King’s Blues Club offers entertainment while filling you to the brim with lip smacking ribs and Southern food.

Many people enjoy the live music performances at Favela Chic.

Crescent City Brewhouse is a two story microbrewery hosting live jazz performances by New Orleans musicians and exhibits local art to compliment your total brew house experience.

Bars With Live Music

There are also some bars that play live music around town:

Three Muses is a snug bar and eatery hosting local jazz performances. There’s a diverse lineup of live music as well as a dance floor at Cafe Negril where they feature reggae, rock and roll, and other genres.

Some of the best live music in your area is hosted every night of the week at The Bombay Club where they also provide craft cocktails, single malt scotches, ports, martinis, reserved bourbons, premium cigars, and a variety of food options.

30°/-90° features outstanding live music, delicious food, beautiful atrium patio, and a special event facility with 10 widescreen televisions.

Music Festivals

Have as much fun as you can at one of these music festivals near you:

Ponderosa Stomp is an American roots music festival that is dedicated to recognizing great influencers in jazz, rock n’ roll, blues, swamp pop, country, soul, and reggae. It also includes a film festival, a music conference, dances, and DJ parties during fall.

Voodoo Music + Arts Experience has booked over 2,000 acts and has drawn more than a million people along with some of the top acts on the contemporary popular music scene. There you can find delicious food, a mini theme park, Halloween decorations, and much more.

In the past we have also written a:

Enjoy The New Orleans Local Music Scene

We tried to cover everything as quickly and as well as possible for you on this page. After reading about the best musical instrument stores, drum and guitar shops, instrument repair services, classes and lessons, vintage CD and record stores, concert halls and other live music venues near you like bars and restaurants, and the best festivals in the region you should have a much better understanding of what is available.

And anyone that made it this far might just know a little bit about the local music scene themself and if so feel free to tell us what we got wrong in the comments or share your own thoughts. Now it is time for you to go enjoy the music in New Orleans.

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