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Today we will try to fill you in on everything we know about music in Knoxville. This is certainly a broad topic but we will do our best to cover the full local scene in this post.

To get the ball rolling we will discuss the best musical instrument stores in Knoxville. There will be separate lists for where to buy guitars in your area as well as the top drum shops in town.

Obviously there will be some crossover in those sections as some stores will have the leading guitar brands for sale like Gibson, Fender, or Keisel as well as all the keyboards, synthesizers, pedals, amps, or pretty much any supplies you may need.

Up next we will get into where to go for quality instrument repair near you. Some of you may need a piano tuned, a guitar repaired, or work done on other band instruments and there is somebody out there that can assist.

The best music lessons for kids or adults will get a shout out. And then there will be some local stores for music lovers with vintage CD’s and records.

We also think many of you will want to know about the best concert halls and live music venues here. There are also many bars and restaurants that have live music around the city.

And our final section will get into the best festivals on the Knoxville music calendar. Stick around until the end where you will find a map with the wide variety of stores and venues we are discussing pinned on it. The Southeast region is one we have discussed many times in the past.

Musical Instrument Stores In Knoxville

When you want to go to one of the best musical instrument stores in Knoxville head to:

Lane Music sells quality instruments near you and offers services including repair, delivery, tuning, maintenance, and rental as well as lessons in one on one and group settings.

Where To Buy Guitars

If you are specifically trying to buy a guitar or guitar accessories in your area check out:

Guitar Center is home to one of the largest selections of popular guitars, basses, amplifiers, keyboards, workstations, drums, percussion, microphones, PA systems, DJ equipment, stage lighting, recording software, studio gear, and more. Tennessee Guitar & Sound Reverb’s new, used, and vintage guitars and other products are also available online.

Lane Music is also a great place to buy guitars.

Drum Shops Near You

Visit one of the other music stores we have listed here to buy drums in Knoxville.

Instrument Repair

You can get quality instrument repairs at:

Instruments, accessories, and numerous services including flexible rental plans, repairs, and music lessons are offered at Music & Arts. You can buy new violins, violas, cellos, basses, and accessories and sell your old ones or even have your instruments repaired at Wilhite Strings from Monday through Saturday.

Quality repairs are offered at places from some other lists including Lane Music and Open Chord Music.

Music Lessons

You will probably improve your skills by taking music lessons at:

Bill Jones Music has classes up and running and has one of the largest displays of new and used Yamaha pianos, keyboards, and accessories as well as sheet music. Piano, acoustic and bass guitars, drum, and voice lessons are offered at Academy of Music.

School of Rock offers web based learning programs for guitar and bass, piano, drum as well as singing classes for children, teenagers, and adults. Don’t forget about the lessons near you offered at Lane Music from our instruments list either.

CD & Record Stores

Live music lessons near you Knoxville vintage CD record stores

Some of our favorite local stores for music lovers with lots of vintage CD’s and records are:

Raven Records & Rarities sells used vinyl as well as 10,000 LP’s, DVD’s, VHS, memorabilia, film magazines, toys, and other pop culture items. Some of the finest new and used vinyl, CD’s, LP’s, EP’s, 78’s, 45 rpm singles, and cassettes are sold at Wild Honey Records.

LP’s 45’s, CD’s, cassettes, DVD’s, blu-rays, laser discs vintage magazines, and video games are available at Basement Records. If you got something interesting we bet many of those would be happy to buy vinyl records in your area too.

Knoxville Live Music Venues

These Knoxville live music venues are great places to see a concert or performance:

Live events are held at The Concourse including dance nights, rock, metal, tribute bands, and much more. You can have your guitars repaired or even purchase your next one at Open Chord Music where they also sell new and used vinyl as well as record players. Of course they also play live local music on the Open Chord Stage too.

Restaurants With Live Music

These restaurants with live music in your area can be a lot of fun:

Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria is one of the go to spots for live music, draft beers, customizable pizzas and other pub classics. Live Scottish, Irish, and Appalachian music are hosted at Boyd’s Jig and Reel’s.

Bars With Live Music

Plus there are bars that play live music too:

Preservation Pub offers tasty beers and live music plus they have a dog friendly patio.

Music Festivals

Rhythm N Blooms Music Festival at 123 W Jackson Ave  usually goes down in the spring and combines a top notch festival experience with the identity and spirit of East Tennessee’s rich past.

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Enjoy The Knoxville Local Music Scene

Well guys, we tried cover the scene as well as we could. You read about the best musical instrument stores, drum and guitar shops, instrument repair services, where to go for lessons, vintage CD and record stores, concert halls and other live music venues like bars and restaurants, plus the best festivals near you.

Anyone that is still here probably knows bit about the local music scene themselves. If so feel free to tell us if we got anything incorrect, if we left any cool spots out, or just share your own thoughts in the comments at the end of the post.  No matter if you are trying to buy a new instrument, wanted some live entertainment, needed a vintage CD and record, or just wanted to learn more about music in Knoxville we hope you enjoy yourself.

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