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Local music shops Rome buy drums guitars in your area

Hopefully you are ready to go on a deep dive into everything about music in Rome. Of course this is a really broad topic but we will do our best to share as much info as possible while still getting you out of here quick.

Kicking things off will be a list of the best musical instrument stores in your area. There will even be separate lists for where to buy guitars and the top drum shops in town and while some may quibble about which store should go in which list we will do our best to get things sorted out for you.

Where to get a broken instrument repaired will follow that up. There are many repair companies that can tune a piano, repair a guitar, or work on all varieties of band instruments.

Once all the instrument talk is out of the way we will pivot to local music classes and lessons for kids or adults before moving on to stores for music lovers that sell vintage CD’s and records. You can find numerous places to be entertained at the best concert halls and live music venues near you.

Bars and restaurants with live music will get a shout out as well. A discussion about the Rome music calendar wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some great festivals and events either.

At the end we will share a map to help you find these stores or venues, and you are all welcome to read more about instruments and tunes in Italy right there if interested.

Musical Instrument Stores In Rome

The best musical instrument stores near you would be:

You can choose from over 700 instruments including guitars, basses, amplifiers, and accessories from some of the most well known brands at Sergio Tomassone who is open from Monday to Saturday.

Play! Music Store sells instruments in your area along with sound, lighting and DJ equipment as well as various services for lutherie, audio installations, and system leasing.

Expect to find quality guitars and basses, keyboards, synthesizers, acoustic and digital pianos, drums, and other percussion and wind instruments at Cherubini.

All kinds of ukuleles, keyboards and pianos, synthesizers, drum machines, and expanders are sold at Musicarte.

Where To Buy Guitars

If you are specifically trying to buy a guitar or guitar accessories check out:

Liuteria Americana Roma has been a marketplace for dealers, custom builders, luthiers, and individual sellers since 2008 where local high end instruments and gear are sold.

Over 60,000 quality new and used products ranging from entry level to high end including guitars and basses, keyboards, drums, and more are offered at Your Music from Monday to Saturday.

Instruments are sold at Strumenti Musicali including violins, mandolins, classical, electric and acoustic guitars, harmonicas, keyboards, percussion, wind, and plenty more.

Drum Shops Near You

And for the best drum shops visit:

Drum Time sells percussion and accessories as well as spare parts from Italian brands.

Instrument Repairs

You can get quality instrument repair services in Rome at:

Local custom built and electric basses as well as instrument maintenance, setups, and pickups are Voodoo Violin Making Guitar’s specialties.

Liuteria Tagliaferri excels at various services including installation, repairs, and restoration for instruments like classical and acoustic guitars, ukuleles, and many more.

Since 1975 Gianni Casciani has been providing instrument services as well as equipment repairs in your area.

Repair services are also offered at Play! Music Store from our best Rome instrument shops list.

Music Lessons

Taking music lessons at these schools can level up your game in a hurry:

Scatola Sonora is a music school and instrument store near you that is open from Monday to Friday.

Beginners and pros are invited to New Age Musica where piano and voice lessons are offered from Monday to Saturday.

Improve your skills by taking lessons at Roberto delli Carri Vocal Studio.

Immerse yourself in the world of music at BB where training, composition, live performance, and artistic productions take place.

Personalized rock, pop, blues, and funk lessons as well as other services are offered at MC Guitar Studio from Monday to Saturday.

School of Music provides workshops, seminars, and master classes that are open for all ages and levels.

Roma Spazio Musica has 11 well equipped and soundproofed rooms for individual classes and two spaces for pop, rock, acoustic, jazz, classical, and rhythmic drum lessons.

CD & Record Stores

Live music lessons near you Rome vintage CD record stores

Some of our favorite stores for local music lovers with lots of vintage CD’s and records are:

Over 20,000 pop and rock, 6,000 jazz, 4,000 classical music, and about a thousand soundtracks are sold at Midnight Discs which is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

You can find the latest genres and even historical sounds from Pythagoras’ musical mathematics to Gregorian chorale to Renaissance, Baroque, and Romantics at Millierercords.

Thousands of new and used vinyl records in Rome along with CD’s, DVD’s, books, magazines, t shirts, and other music related items are offered at Radiation Records from Monday to Saturday.

Newly released and imported CD’s and vinyl rarities are sold at Pink Moon from Tuesday to Saturday.

Some of the items offered at Inferno Store include records, CD’s, DVD’s, VHS, t shirts, pins, patches, accessories, books, zines, and comics.

Rome Live Music Venues

These Rome live music venues are great places to see a concert or performance:

You can watch live local concerts, performances, cultural and educational activities at Casa del Jazz on weekdays.

Shelter Music Club has a restaurant that serves meals and exquisite cocktails.

Restaurants With Live Music

Have a nice meal and enjoy good music at these restaurants:

Na Cosetta has been serving delicious cuisine and fine wine with live music in your area every day since 2014.

Immerse yourself in the magic of Via Veneto at Harry’s Bar while listening to talented pianists along with a glass of fine wine.

Bars With Live Music In Rome

Plus there are bars that play live music too:

Big Mama Live Music & Bar is one of the best spots to go for artistic food offerings and blues as well as other genres like jazz, rock, and ethnic tunes.

Alexanderplatz Jazz Club has been offering live musical performances near you featuring national and international artists every day since 1984.

Music Festivals In Your Area

Rock In Roma in June and July is a great music festival we are sure you will enjoy. If you have any other annual festivals right here in town or around the region to recommend let us know in the comments, thanks.

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Enjoy The Rome Local Music Scene

Well guys, we tried cover as much as we possibly could. You read about the best musical instrument stores, drum and guitar shops, instrument repair services, where to go for lessons, vintage CD and record stores, concert halls and other live music venues like bars and restaurants, plus the best festivals near you.

Anyone that is still here probably knows bit about the local music scene themselves. If so feel free to tell us if we got anything incorrect, if we left any cool spots out, or just share your own thoughts in the comments at the end of the post. Now go have fun enjoying the music in Rome.

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