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Local music shops Maui buy drums guitars in your area

Hey there and welcome to this post on everything about music in Maui. Our goal here at YourLocalMusicScene is to fill you in on what is available around town as quickly as we can.

To get us going we will list the best musical instrument stores in Maui. There will also be lists for where to buy guitars in your area as well as the top drum shops in town.

Expect there to be some crossover in those sections as some stores will have the leading guitar brands for sale like Gibson, Fender, or Keisel as well as all the keyboards, synthesizers, pedals, amps, or pretty much any supplies you may need.

Then we will fill you in on where to go for quality instrument repair near you. Whether you need a piano tuned, a guitar repaired, or work done on other band instruments there is somebody out there that can help.

Up next we will talk about where to get the best music lessons for kids or adults. Local stores for music lovers with vintage CD’s and records will have their own section also.

Following that we will list the best concert halls and live music venues here. Plus we will also discuss the best bars and restaurants that have live music around the city.

And our last section will talk about the best festivals on the Maui music calendar. At the end there will even be a map to help you figure out where the wide variety of stores and venues we are discussing are located.

Musical Instrument Stores In Maui

Bounty Music at 11 Hana Hwy #105 is a full line business that offers sales, rentals, repairs, installations, and even assists you in finding the ideal products that meet your budget and needs.

Where To Buy Guitars

If you are specifically trying to buy a guitar or accessories in your area head to:

Lahaina Music is a family owned and operated store that provides a large assortment of ukuleles, guitars, and other instruments near you as well as rental services.

A couple of other shops that we have mentioned throughout the post that are also great places to buy guitars are Bounty Music and Custom Guitars & Repairs.

Drum Shops Near You

If you know of any good drum shops in Maui please tell us in the comments so that we can add that info to our post, thanks.

Instrument Repair

Custom Guitars & Repairs at 808 Waine’e Street #101 excels at instrument and equipment repair and even sells electric, acoustic, and bass guitars and ukuleles from top brands including Jackson, Hohner, and Framus as well as custom products that are trusted by some of the best musicians in your area.

Music Lessons

When you want to improve your skills you can take music lessons at:

Youngsters can enhance their skills by taking lessons at La-ti-Da Music where learning is fun and joyful.

CD & Record Stores

Live music lessons near you Maui vintage CD record stores

Request Music at 10 North Market Street is a nostalgic haven for new and used records and CD’s, movies, comic books, antique posters, and other collectibles and even hosts a wide range of performances including punk, country, and underground hip hop.

Maui Live Music Venues

Wai Bar at 45 N Market Street #B is a great live music venue in your area.

Restaurants With Live Music

Want to be entertained while you eat? You will be at these restaurants with live music:

Java Jazz has been serving some of the best Hawaiian coffee blends and generously filled breakfasts featuring daily fish specialties as well as lunch, dinner, cocktails, and desserts from 6am to 10pm with live music every night. Live music and DJ performances can be seen every day at South Shore Tiki Lounge where they also host large groups and private events.

Bars With Live Music

And for bars that play live music try out:

Music Festivals

If you know of any good music festivals in Maui please tell us in the comments so that we can add that info to our post, thanks. By the way we have also written about:

Enjoy The Maui Local Music Scene

Well guys, we did our best to cover the scene as well as we could. We listed the best musical instrument stores, drum and guitar shops, instrument repair services, where to go for lessons, vintage CD & record stores, concert halls and other live music venues like bars and restaurants, plus the best festivals near you.

Anyone that is still around might just know a little bit about the local music scene themselves. If so feel free to tell us if we got anything incorrect, if we left any cool spots out, or just share your own thoughts in the comments at the end of the post.  No matter if you are trying to buy a new instrument, wanted some live entertainment, needed a vintage CD and record, or just wanted to learn more about music in Maui we hope you enjoy yourself.

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