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Local music shops Madrid buy drums guitars in your area

This deep dive into everything about music in Madrid should only take a few short minutes to read. Of course this is a really broad topic but we will do our best to share as much info as possible while doing our best to not waste your time.

Getting things going will be a list of the best musical instrument stores in your area. There will even be separate lists for where to buy guitars and the top drum shops in town and while some may quibble about which store should go in which list we will do our best to get things sorted out for you.

Where to get a broken instrument repaired will follow that up. There are many repair companies that can tune a piano, repair a guitar, or work on all varieties of band instruments.

Once all the instrument talk is out of the way we will pivot to local music classes and lessons for kids or adults before moving on to stores for music lovers that sell vintage CD’s and records. You can find numerous places to be entertained at the best concert halls and live music venues near you.

Bars and restaurants with live music will get a shout out as well. A discussion about the Madrid music calendar wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some great festivals and events either.

At the end we will share a map to help you find these stores or venues, and you are all welcome to read more about the scene in some other towns around Spain if interested.

Musical Instrument Stores In Madrid

The best musical instrument stores near you would be:

Malaga8 is a great place to buy a wide variety of instruments and accessories in your area from name brands including electric and acoustic guitars, percussions, and drums as well as amplifiers and microphones.

An extensive collection of local instruments like drums, keyboards, violins, guitars, and plenty more are offered at Tununtunumba Tienda de Instrumentos Musicales.

UME Carranza Unión Musical is one of the best options for high quality keyboards, guitars, basses, amps and effects, drums, percussions, microphones, orchestra, and band instruments.

You can buy used guitars, basses, and other instruments as well as get adjustments and repairs at MusicX Madrid.

Where To Buy Guitars

If you are specifically trying to buy a guitar or guitar accessories check out:

Guitar Giraffe is a physical and online store that sells vintage and rare guitars and amps near you.

Classical and Flamenco Spanish guitars from some of the best makers in the country for beginners, studios, semi professionals, and professionals as well as lauds, bandurrias, acoustic guitars, ukuleles, guitaleles, bags, cases, and more are all available at La Guitarreria de Madrid.

Felipe Conde Guitarrero is exclusively dedicated to hand crafting some of the finest classical and flamenco guitars.

Just about any of the music stores in your area from our other lists will also have at least a small selection of guitars for sale so don’t just focus on this section.

Drum Shops Near You

If you know of any specialized drum shops in town please tell us in the comments, for now our best advice is to head to one of the stores in our best instrument or guitar stores list as most should have some percussion instruments available.

Instrument Repairs

You can get quality instrument repair services in Madrid at:

Luthier de Viento Roberto Belda excels at repairing saxophones, flutes, clarinets, oboes, bassoons, and other wind instruments near you.

TheWindWorkshop is one of the best places to go for exclusive professional instrument repair services.

Specialized repairs and tuning services for mandolins, banjos, flutes, bandurrias, and other string instruments are offered at The Custom Luthier Shop in Madrid.

Moreno makes and repairs acoustic, classical, and electric guitars and basses.

Instrument repairs are also provided at MusicX who we linked you to earlier.

Music Lessons

Taking music lessons at these schools can level up your game in a hurry:

The Reina Sofía School of Music has teachers who excel in arts and education as well as a concert hall that hosts an average of 150 concerts annually.

Yamaha Music School’s fundamental objective is to awaken each student’s musical skills at a very early age and foster them through fun teaching options.

Local music classes and workshops for kids are offered at School of Music with Heart.

CD & Record Stores

Live music lessons near you Madrid vintage CD record stores

Some of our favorite stores for local music lovers with lots of vintage CD’s and records are:

La Metralleta Records buys and sells vinyl records in your area as well as CD’s, Blu rays, and DVD’s in different formats.

Jazz, blue, pop rock, flamenco, and LP records are sold at Killer’s Discos.

Rotor Discos features a whole bunch of electronic and avant garde music styles like ambient, IDM, techno pop, sound art, electro acoustic, techno, glitch, dark, noise, krautrock, and much more.

Delia Records mainly offers rock and roll records.

Live Music Venues

These Madrid live music venues are great places to see a concert or performance:

Cafe La Palma hosts live local music and dance parties with DJ’s having featured artists like Mani, John Maus, Josele Santiago, Lichis, El Chojin, Rufus T Firefly, La Bien Querida, and others.

Since 1992 Moby Dick Club has been one of the go to concert venues for Spanish indie rock bands and good vibes.

DJ’s, jazz, soul, funk, R&B, afrobeat, flamenco concerts, and dance nights are all hosted at Sala Clamores which is a 500 square meter local live music venue that also serves cocktails, beers, and great food.

Wurlitzer Ballroom is a lively music venue in an industrial space hosting national and international rock and metal bands.

Restaurants With Live Music

Have a nice meal and enjoy good music at these restaurants:

Tapas, cocktails, and comfort food are served in a laid back setting along with live jazz music at Café Central.

La Negra Tomasa is a Cuban restaurant offering Cuban and Creole eats, cocktails, live music, and dance nights in a lively colorful space.

Bars With Live Music In Madrid

Blackbird Rock Bar at C. de las Huertas, 22 is a snug hangout featuring a variety of live rock and blues shows in addition to serving cocktails in a laid back atmosphere all throughout the week.

Music Festivals In Your Area

Coca Cola Music Experience in September is a music festival in Madrid that has been bringing together more than 30 stars, emerging artists, and regional talent from different genres such as pop, rock, reggaeton and electronic music for two nights of live entertainment since 2011.

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Enjoy The Madrid Local Music Scene

Well guys, we tried cover as much as we possibly could. You read about the best musical instrument stores, drum and guitar shops, instrument repair services, where to go for lessons, vintage CD and record stores, concert halls and other live music venues like bars and restaurants, plus the best festivals near you.

Anyone that is still here probably knows bit about the music scene in your area themselves. If so feel free to tell us if we got anything incorrect, if we left any cool spots out, or just share your own thoughts in the comments at the end of the post. Now go have fun enjoying the music in Madrid.

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