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Local music shops Bakersfield buy drums guitars in your area

Over the next few minutes we will all be going on a deep dive into everything about music in Bakersfield. Obviously this is a really broad topic but we will do our best to share as much info as possible while still getting you out of here quickly.

Jumping head first into the best musical instrument stores in your area seems like a logical place to start. We will even include different lists for where to buy guitars and the top drum shops in town and while some may quibble about which store should go in which list we will do our best to get things sorted out for you.

Where to get a broken instrument repaired will follow that up. There are many repair companies that can tune a piano, repair a guitar, or work on all varieties of band instruments.

Once all the instrument talk is out of the way we will pivot to local music classes and lessons for kids or adults before moving on to stores for music lovers that sell vintage CD’s and records. You can find numerous places to be entertained at the best concert halls and live music venues near you.

Bars and restaurants with live music will get a shout out as well. A discussion about the Bakersfield music calendar wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some great festivals and events either.

At the end we will share a map to help you find these stores or venues, and you are all welcome to read more about the scene in some other towns around the Southwest if interested.

Musical Instrument Stores In Bakersfield

The best musical instrument stores near you would be:

Since 1986 Nick Rail Music has provided rentals, repairs, band and orchestral instruments and accessories as well as in-store lessons.

California Keyboards Music Center is a service music store for pianos, band instruments, guitars, woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion and more in your area.

Bakersfield Sound Co offers lessons, musical instruments, set-ups, repairs, restrings, band and orchestra equipment, accessories, rentals, and more.

Where To Buy Guitars

Visit your local Guitar Center at 3428 Ming Avenue and get hands-on with a great selection of guitars, basses, drums, keyboards, DJ, live sound and recording, as well as used and vintage gear. They’ll get you playing with lessons and make your instrument play and sound its best with expert repairs and modifications. They also rent instruments and equipment in Bakersfield so you’re ready for any event.

Drum Shops Near You

Check out Front Porch Music at 1711 19th Street for all your drumming needs.

Instrument Repairs

Bakersfield Sound Co. at 10715 Rosedale Highway is a great place to go if you need a musical instrument repaired in your area.

Music Lessons

Taking music lessons at these schools can level up your game in a hurry:

California Keyboards Music Center is a fantastic full service music store for learning pianos, band instruments, guitars, woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion and more.

TR Music & Voice Lessons offers all kinds of music classes near you like private guitar, drum, piano and bass lessons as well as vocal or songwriting lessons.

CD & Record Stores

Live music lessons near you Bakersfield vintage CD record stores

Some of our favorite stores for local music lovers with lots of vintage CD’s and records are:

At Going Underground Records they buy, sell, and trade LPs, 45s, stereo equipment, promotional items for concerts like posters, flyers, one-off recordings, and more. They purchase collections of all sizes so whether you have a handful or thousands of records to sell call or stop by any day of the week.

World Records opened in 1982 and sells CDs, LPs, DVDs and puts on terrific concerts. World Records Theater is a great venue for receptions, reunions, parties, meetings, school proms, or other social event.

Live Music Venues

These Bakersfield live music venues are great places to see a concert or performance:

The Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame was created as a self sustaining and on going organization with a performing arts theatre and two professional recording studios.

Experience country music’s legendary music venue, premier steakhouse and live entertainment at Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace.

Restaurants With Live Music

Have a nice meal and enjoy good music at these restaurants:

Krush Food & Drink brings passion from the California Wine Country tradition to capture the mood and essence of the California fine wine experience.

Sandrini’s public house has amazing food, hundreds of beers, one of the largest whiskey selections in town, live music Friday and Saturday nights, plus trivia night every Monday.

Bars With Live Music

Plus there are bars that play live music too:

Experience Wine Country without leaving Kern County.

Enjoy artisan wines by the glass or bottle, appetizers, craft beer, live local music, a wine club, and tasting events at Wine Me Up.

Music Festivals In Your Area

The Bakersfield Rock & Country Music at Kern County Museum’s Pioneer Village is a family-friendly event with plenty of fun for friends and business associates too. From dance contests, celebrity meet and greets, and a classic car show to a sports shack, fireworks spectacular, beer and wine garden, and even a Ferris wheel this music festival in your area is truly a one-of-a-kind.

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Enjoy The Bakersfield Local Music Scene

Well guys, we tried cover as much as we possibly could. You read about the best musical instrument stores, drum and guitar shops, instrument repair services, where to go for lessons, vintage CD and record stores, concert halls and other live music venues like bars and restaurants, plus the best festivals near you.

Anyone that is still here probably knows bit about the local music scene themselves. If so feel free to tell us if we got anything incorrect, if we left any cool spots out, or just share your own thoughts in the comments at the end of the post. Now go have fun enjoying the music in Bakersfield.

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